Exclude incorrect offers from RePricing!

Are there any messy competitor's offers standing in your way at the optimal price? No thanks! eSagu RePricing doesn't allow that!

Your online store is well set up, you have top ratings on eBay, you offer excellent quality products and you use eSagu RePricing. You have set up your RePricer's search perfectly. Your stop words clearly separate the wheat from the chaff. Your strategies and price rules are perfectly coordinated. Your prices are always on it's best optimized price, and your turnover is always in the profitable range.

Everything works fine! Until...!

Until someone manages to list an item in such a 'twisted' way that pushes your item on the second place in the search rank. Now your item ended up being on it's minimum price.

Of course, you are not competing against such a product. What are you going to do now? Change strategy? Change settings? Get your online shop running out of balance because of the influence of others, because of an exception?

We at eSagu also think: No! There must be another way!

From now on simply exclude these 'tweezers' from RePricing! Don't let the clumsiness of others interfere with your business.

In order to keep such 'unclean' offers out of your competitive field, and not to distort your prices, we now offer you the possibility to exclude specific offers from price optimization with your eBay RePricing on the basis of their eBay item number.

In the offer overview of your article you can exclude specific offers from the price optimization with a simple click. The software then marks those offers as excluded, and simply ignores them when calculating the optimal price for this item.

As always, we hope this feature will make your online life more enjoyable and invite you to share your opinion, experience and suggestions with us.