"The best way to effectively use time is to schedule it" - Our new Schedule tool

“The best way to effectively use time is to schedule it.” ― Sunday Adelaja

How often do you export files from eSagu to check your sales? On the other hand, how often you import CSV files with new min and max prices? Do you set one strategy during the week, and another one during the weekend?

Let’s make it simple from now on. We have launched eSagu Scheduler for eBay which you can use to set automatic import and/or export of the CSV files, or change the strategies on different days/hours during the week. And it’s free of charge!

Reach out to your Account Manager to set up the Schedule tool and to get a brief overview. You can set up automatic import of a spreadsheet with new minimum and maximum prices generated from your Stock management tool, and be sure that your prices are always up to date. You need to create the CSV file with requested format, upload it to the specific server and just provide our Schedule tool with correct URL address.

Do you check your order numbers regularly, every week or every month? You can use our tool to schedule a task any day of the week, to track which items are selling good, which ones are slowing down, which ones stopped selling.. And react on time! Just select specific columns that you need, set appropriate time for the file to be generated and that’s it!

Are your sales numbers lower during the weekend, comparing to the working days? Use Scheduler to switch to the more aggressive strategy during the weekend, and reduce your prices to get more sales. And switch to your usual strategy back on Monday morning!

There are more options available within the Schedule feature. For now, this tool is active for eBay sellers only. Activate it together with your Account Manager and avoid additional work, spare some time and make your life easier!