It's getting even easier! Our new easyEdit for eBay repricing!

Features should live up to their name. Our easyEdit has worked perfectly so far, but it was not as easy as the name suggests. That's why we simply improved our easyEdit and made sure that there are absolutely no more questions left in the room.

easyEdit, the name says it all. A small tool to make your work with our software much easier. However, we must admit that switching two forms in a row, and getting some information was not really easy. Old easyEdit was just fast. There was room for improvement. We used that, and created something even better.

We thought about keeping our promise, and in the same time offer you a truly simplified solution. Our goal is that every customer can easily and intuitively process any quantity of articles.

Don't want to brag about it, but we found an adequate solution to guide everyone through our eBay repricing - easyEdit.

A classification of the individual steps with clear explanations leaves no questions unanswered. For example, if you select an article quantity, a preview of the selected articles will be shown to you first. Easy and simple, right?

We are looking forward to your next login to try out the easier easyEdit. It's worth it!

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Your items will love it!