Easy way to log in with the new 'Login with Amazon' button!

More comfort and security when logging in with the new 'Login with Amazon' button. Two-factor authentication included.

For this reason, we have integrated the "Login with Amazon" button into our software, which works like the well-known "Login with Facebook" button and allows you to log in without entering another password.

This makes it easier to re-register! Instead of typing the password from the note under the keyboard every morning, you can now use the new button.

Simply log in with the button, and link your Amazon Account with your existing eSagu account. Finally, the note with the eSagu password put in the trash.

And it gets even better! You can add the Amazon logins of all your colleagues to your eSagu account, so your accounting colleagues can quickly request an invoice without upsetting the entire company looking for the eSagu password.

If your Amazon account has a two-factor authentication, it will be used here as well. You don't have to be afraid, Amazon will never send us your password. Security is ensured!

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