If you have been selling on Amazon for a long time at one point or another you must have wondered how to boost your sales without undercutting other sellers all the time. Here’s a solution for you- Go Prime!!

Perks of going Prime does not only limit to an increase in your buy box percentage, it also helps you sell more as most buyers on Amazon these days have a Prime account and they prefer to buy from sellers who are also Prime. Even if you are not in the buy box, 95% of the buyers who are using Amazon prime would buy from you if you are a Prime seller.

To win the Prime status on Amazon a seller must go through a trial period. During this period Amazon monitors the seller's account in terms of his delivery and dispatch rate. If the seller fulfills all the criteria, Amazon rewards him with the “Seller Prime” status. For all the hard work, Amazon also gives the seller an additional benefit to sell in the buybox with a much higher price. Seller can always choose which one of his items he would like to put on Prime. With Prime items you can position your prices 5-15% higher than the cheapest merchant-fulfilled seller depending on the price ranges and Amazon would still give you the buy box. And the best thing about this is that you only need to invest 1.20- 2 GBP additionally on each item for the next day delivery. This amount can easily be added to your selling price. That's what most sellers do anyway!

Now you are Prime, do you think your work here is done? Of course not. If there are other prime sellers on your listings you would still need to optimize against them to make sure you get the buy box. To make the most out of your Prime listings make sure to use a re-pricer that can get you into the buy box without undercutting other sellers all the time. Most re-pricers have similar strategies of undercutting the cheapest seller regardless of the competitors shipping types. For your Prime items this strategy would not be beneficial for your margins as you can always price above the cheapest seller specially if his items are merchant fulfilled. eSagu’s unique strategy for Prime items lets you optimize against other prime sellers even if they are not the cheapest, in case there are no prime sellers on your listings you can set a rule to price above the cheapest merchant fullfilled seller. This is the best way to maximize your profit. Check out other strategies that can boost your lsitings. Start your free-trial today and you will never lose another dime on your prime items!