In the last weeks we have been very busy, and have reworked the complete eBay frontend.

Some of you may be wondering why eSagu is doing so much work instead of building a great new feature?

Since there were several reasons for this, I would like to explain them briefly.

When we built the frontend for our eBay RePricing last year, we started using a technology that allows us to use much more interactivity in a web-based frontend . As a result, the warehouse in our eBay RePricing Frontend loads much faster and offers more functions. Consequently, our eBay easyEdit is much easier to use, as it guides you through many small and easy-to-understand steps towards your goal. When our eBay RePricing left the beta on 10/10/17, many of you asked when all these beautiful things would also be used in our Amazon RePricing. On one hand we are happy that the improvements are so well received, but on the other hand it means that we have to rebuild and adapt a lot of coding for the Amzn RePricing Frontend.

If we decide to do this, the code that is the template (which in this case is our eBay RePricing) must be so clean, that no copy & paste stuff leads to more stuff in the new Amzn frontend. This way we will do less copying & pasting when programming, since the code must be reusable.

Therefore, we can now maintain and improve our Amzon Frontend faster and easier.

But that's not all. As some of you already know, we want to develop a new product this year to make your online business even easier. Since we now have a simplified process for building the frontend and can reuse many components, we hope that this will simplify the development of our new product, with the motto Hard thinking before hard working.

Furthermore, in the future the conversion will also enable us to implement new features that are front-end heavy for our eBay RepRicing more quickly.

And since we have already been at the frontend, we have directly addressed some points of criticism: The menu structure of eBay RePricing has slightly changed. Many white and empty areas have disappeared, so that important things come to the forefront. Font sizes and contrasts have been adjusted so that we can hopefully make your work with our software more pleasant.

Thanks for reading, and if you still have suggestions and comments always bring them up!

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