Good value, reliable fulfilment; a simple way to maximise your margins online

We all want more sales...

We all want more sales, right? Better margins? Tick. Happy customers coming back for more, pleased their order has arrived on time? Definitely. When selling online, there are so many ways one can try to do all of the above. But, one of the most seemingly obvious and crucial aspects of the whole operation can go often unheralded...fulfilment. Storing, picking, packing and posting. It’s almost certainly an area of business that few of you are truly passionate about; and it’s certainly not glamorous but it doesn’t stop it being a crucial area of your business to get right.

Let’s break down some of the impacts that fulfilment has on an online business:

  1. Margins - We all want bigger margins, and long for it to be as simple as just wishing! But for less expensive items (in particular), the cost of fulfilment has a huge impact on your bottom-line. The general rule of thumb is the cheaper an item is, the more it will cost proportionally to fulfil.
  2. Customer satisfaction - Everyone gets bad reviews sometimes, no matter how great you are, as you won’t please everyone. But if one thing is sure to leave a bad taste in the mouths of your customers, it’s things not arriving on time, or worse, damaged.
  3. Time - It’s time consuming; the picking and packing, keeping well-stocked with boxes and tape and the rest; for smaller sellers out there, standing in the queue at the post-office is probably amongst the least enjoyable and least productive jobs they do. But there is another way…

Outsource your fulfilment to the incredibly good value and reliable Huboo! Huboo offer a multi-channel fulfillment service, and we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices in the UK, as well as the most seller friendly system and most client responsive support. We at Huboo are completely transparent about our prices, so check them out for yourself.

We’re confident we can help you with:

  1. Margins - Our service is incredibly good value, with prices roughly the same as retail Royal Mail, but ours is inclusive of picking and packing too! Two months free storage comes as standard with any shipment so we can help with your margins on that front, too. Further, if you’re reading this, we’ll upgrade the free storage to six months on your first shipment - just quote ‘eSagu’ when enquiring. If you’ve used FBA before, then we’re confident we represent much better value than FBA. Our prices when enabled for Seller Fulfilled Prime match for most items what you’d pay with FBA, and we’re much, much cheaper for other channels.
  2. Customer Satisfaction – Outsourcing to a reliable fulfilment service means confidence that your customer’s orders will be with them on time, resulting in better reviews and more sales. It really is as simple as that. Outsourcing fulfilment means you can have the occasional day-off (or maybe more than occasional) and not have to worry about fulfilling your customers orders.
  3. Time - Perhaps the main advantage of Huboo. Any time spent picking and packing is time not spent growing your business. Businesses who use Huboo grow and scale. Freed from the arduous daily demand of fulfilment, Huboo sellers can concentrate on marketing, sourcing new products, price optimisation, all sorts name it!

So join the fulfilment revolution at Huboo to maximise your margins and optimise your ecommerce life. Check out our website where you will find opur transparent prices and our phone number for any questions you might have. Get in touch!